The APSC Student Teams have access to two trailers to aid them in transporting projects. There is a Closed Box trailer and a Flat-Deck trailer. These trailers are housed in the UBC Gas Gun Enclosure across from Thunderbird Stadium. Access to the enclosure is mostly regulated by a combination lock on the gate. Trailer Keys will be stored in combination lock Key Safes on each trailer. Teams may access the space at any time to retrieve or return a trailer, provided they have first booked the trailer and spoken with the EDT Coordinator to request the use of a trailer. The combinations to each lock may be changed on a semi-annual basis to improve security, however the Engineering Teams Coordinator will alert you to any changes before the date of your request.


Map of UBC
Design Team Trailers



Trailer Bookings/Cancellations:

  1. Read the resource description above and make sure it meets your requirements.
  2. Check the Trailer Booking Calendar to make sure your requested dates are available.
  3. If everything checks out, fill out the Trailer Booking form.
  4. Please contact the Engineering Design Teams Coordinator (EDTC) if you would like to edit a booking (
  5. Please contact the EDTC to obtain the required combinations to access the enclosure and the trailers.

Picking-Up/Returning a Trailer:

  1. The trailers are to be picked up from the Gas Gun Enclosure (6301 Stadium Road UBC).
  2. Confirm that the insurance papers of the trailer you’ll be taking are inside. If not, message Richard Colwell. Perform a safety check on your booked trailer 2 weeks before your booking and report on its condition. If any minor upgrades are necessary, get confirmation from Richard Colwell before purchasing and you will be reimbursed.
GasGun - Lock is intertwined between two ends of the gates.
  1. If the gate to the enclosure is locked, you can open it using the provided combination. Please note that the combination line on the gate lock is the TOP LINE of numbers, not the middle line of numbers as many people anticipate. Please re-lock the gate when you leave. See the image on the right on how to correctly re-lock the gate.
  2. At the request of the Gas Gun Enclosure Researchers, if you are picking up a trailer while there are people working in the Gas Gun Enclosure, please walk inside the building and give them a quick idea of what you will be doing and how long it will take.
  3. To unlock the trailer you will be using, you can find the trailer’s keys inside a combination key-safe. When you are done using the trailer, please return the keys to the key-safe.
  4. IMPORTANT: we are guests in the Gas Gun Enclosure. We must be sure that the trailers stay as out of the way as possible. Please leave the trailers parked in their designated location.


  • There is to be absolutely no food in the trailers! The Gas Gun Enclosure has a history of rat problems and we do not want this to affect our trailers.
  • Please be aware of your noise level when you are in the enclosure. It is a working lab and we do not want to interrupt the research being done.

Trailer Parking:

Parking each trailer has a designated location in order to ease future access and to avoid disrupting the research in the Gas Gun Enclosure. Parking may not block the driveway and must leave a clear path to the dumpsters located on the left side of the building. In the figure above, the two dumpsters are marked D1 and D2. The Student Teams Storage Container is marked C.

The trailers are marked as follows:

  • T1 – Flat deck trailer
  • T2 – Large box trailer
  • F – Formula UBC’s box trailer
  • R – UBC Rocket’s box trailer
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